Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tips To Stop Slow Play

Slow play is one of the biggest issues we have today in golf. You can blame it on alot of things, but I really think it comes from players watching golf on television. They see the Pro's taking time to hit shots, line up putts and decide what the wind is doing. So, it just makes sense that they take that to heart and try it themselves. If you're serious about helping to stop slow play, read and follow these simple rules. It will make golf more enjoyable for everyone.

1-Always Be Ready To Hit
-proceed directly to your own ball
-take one practice swing and get set while others are hitting
-hit when ready, even simultaneously if you will not interfere with others
-carry a spare ball in your pocket, when in doubt...hit a provisional
-know the rules of golf, especially those pertaining to out of bounds, water hazards and lost balls

2-Don't Waste Time

-never record your scores on or near the green
-do not leave your cart or bag in front of the green, leave it to the rear of the green on the side nearest the next tee
-give instructions on the driving range, not on the course
-carry an extra ball, tees and ball marker in your pocket
-don't delay your shot when the group ahead is realistically out of range
-lost ball, 5 minutes per group per hole, maximum time

3-On The Tee

-the first player ready to hit should
-other players should wait right next to the tee markers
-after hitting, each player should return to his clubs and be ready to proceed to his ball

4-On The Green

-park your cart and clubs to the rear of the green, in line with the next tee
-line up your putt before it is your turn to putt
-follow the continuous putting rules until you hole out, unless restricted by another players line

5-If The Course Is Busy Do Not Wave Players Through, Instead, KEEP PACE With The Group Ahead

-if the course is quiet, let faster players through, as long as there are open holes ahead and to the rear

6-Use Tees, Bunkers And Other Known Landmarks To Make Errant Shots Easier To Find

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