Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekly Swing Reminder - Wide Stance

I noticed the last few days that those old fall winds are starting to blow down here in Southern Arizona. It's just one of the conditions we have to live with in order to have great playing conditions nearly year round.

To help you play better in the wind, try widening your stance. Normally, your stance should be about shoulder width apart. But, when that wind blows, it can help to widen your stance a little. This will give you a more stable base to swing. This will also allow you to get a great turn back and through the ball. The other benefit to a wider stance in the wind is it helps your body to not sway. By this I mean it helps you to turn your body and not sway backwards.

I hope this helps you play better golf. For more Swing Reminders, visit the Swing Reminders website

Have a great golf day.