Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekly Swing Reminder - Finish The Swing

You’ve probably heard it before, finish
the swing. So, what does that mean? It
means get your weight to your left side
on your finish. When you finish the swing
is your weight on your left foot?
(or right if you’re a lefty) If you are
off balance and your weight is not on your
left side at the finish, you have not
finished the swing. Take a few minutes to
slowly swing a club and feel the weight
transfer from your right to left side.
Do you feel it? Now, take that to the
range….have a great round.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Swing Reminder - Slow Down

Have you ever seen someone swing so fast you
thought they were going to lose their balance?
A fast swing doesn’t equate to fast swing speed or
fast ball speed. It’s all about timing. Slow down
your back swing and keep a good tempo. I know
you’ve done this; take the club back too fast,
then decelerate coming through and hit a big chunky shot?
Try to visualize going back and through at the same
speed. I’ll bet you have more consistent shots.
Have a great round.