Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Forward

Well, unless you live in Arizona, Hawaii, or parts of Indiana. Living in Arizona, we get so much sunshine, we really don't need to change our clocks. Heck, if we did, we would be playing even more golf. Is that possible?

So, here we are at the beginning of the golf season, and if the snow around your course hasn't quite melted, it will soon (I hope). Have you thought about getting those clubs out of the garage? Or were they really bad last weekend and they are still standing in the corner being punished? No matter what, you need to get ready for the season and ready to play better golf.

Do you have a practice routine? Lot's of people consider practicing to take 5 old balls from their bag prior to the round and run over to the range with a driver and whack them as hard as they can. That's a recipe for serious disaster, not to mention back problems.

Why not get to the course 30 minutes earlier and hit a small bucket of balls to really warm up? Or better yet, why not head to the range one night a week on your way home from work and spend an hour? Either way, you will probably play better golf and hopefully keep your back from getting sore as the season begins.

If you've never had a real practice routine, make this your best season and start one. I bet you'll play better golf and who knows maybe you can win an adult beverage from your buddies.

Have a great golf day.

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