Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cancer Sucks - Give a Little

The new Brad Paisley song talks about how you can't say the word "Cancer" in a song. Well, I disagree. The word "Cancer" should be talked about in songs, poems, raps, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and anywhere else we can put it out there so that we can help to find a cure.

Cancer death statistics vary from where you get the information, but it is estimated that roughly 7.2 million people worldwide die from cancer each year. In the United States alone where cancer death statistics are highly monitored each year has seen a steady death rate of 550,000 to 600,000 people year after year, or roughly 1,500 people per day. That is ridiculous, why can't we find a cure for this damned disease?

Personally, I have had several family members and close friends who have had or died from cancer. So, three years ago after one of my best friends Mark "Shu" Schuler passed away from cancer, my wife Julie suggested we do a golf fund raiser in Shu's name to raise some money for cancer research. In the first 3 years, we've donated over $2,000 to cancer research in Shu's name.
This year's tournament is a 4 person scramble @ Silverbell Golf Course in Tucson, AZ, on Saturday, May 7, 2011. We are looking for players and sponsors both.

If you want to participate in the 2011 Mark Schuler Memorial Golf Outing, just drop me an e-mail or check out the Facebook page.

Even if you don't play golf, you can donate by visiting Shu's Cancer Kickers

I know times are tough and money is tight, but we really need to find a cure for "Cancer", because "CANCER SUCKS". Please give a little.

Have a great day, and please pass this post along to everybody you know.

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