Saturday, August 15, 2009

Slow Down

We've all heard it hundreds of time, "slow down" life's too short. But, do we really pay much attention to it? It seems lately, that nobody does.

I like technology as much as the next guy. I mean I am writing this blog on my laptop using wifi, from a classified location. But, I really think that technology has caused people to speed their lives up to a point where it's just out of control. I've had to drive to Tucson three times this week (200 miles round trip each) and being on the road that much, I have seen some really, really bad drivers. I mean BAD. And yes, you guessed it, technology is a key part to their loss of driving skills

Let's start with how many people are talking on cell phones while driving 75 mph. Are you kidding me, they are so engrossed in their phone calls they disregard everyone and everything around them. A guy yacking & driving a huge Expedition was almost rear ended because he had slowed down to about 60 mph in the left lane. Then there was the lady in the 79' Bonneville who was driving down Hwy 90 @ 70 mph texting on her phone. She was all over the was crazy. What about the guy who sets his cruise control at 77 mph in a 75 mph zone and then stays in the left lane. I sometimes wish I had an 85 F-350 4 x 4 that I could just use to run them off the road. Wow, was that my external voice? It's just maddening. Driving is already tough, why do people have to make it so much more difficult?

I guess I am just an old mountain man at heart (thanks for that thought Andy). I like the slow pace of the country. Like throwing the ball with Cody Bear, walking to the garden to pick a few tomatoes or my favorite thing, sitting on the porch and watching sunsets with my honey.

Life is too short, so take some time to slow down and spend time doing the things that make you happy. Have a great day.

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