Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weekly Swing Reminder - No 3 Putts

I really think I would rather hit a ball
out of bounds than three putt. There
just isn’t any reason to do it. Practice
your putting so that you can always leave
putts within gimme range or within 12 inches
of the hole. You are never gonna make every
putt, so practice your lag putts to make sure
you can leave them in range to make the second
one easy. Then use the three ball drill to
help you build confidence and a good stroke
for those one, two and three footers. Place
three balls on the putting green at one, two
and three feet from the hole in a line.
Putt each one, focusing on taking the putter
straight back and straight through.
This will groove your stroke and make it alot
easier next time you have a two footer to win a
$3.00 nassau. Have a great golf week.

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