Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Stop Shopping

Have you ever been online looking for a tee time at Golf Now.Com or EZ Links? Ever wanted to compare rates at a bunch of discount sites? Well, it's now possible...no seriously. Thanks to my new buddies at www.golfsigma.com, up in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Their new site is one that has been needed for years in my opinion. In the old days (like last year), you had to join 14 different discount tee time providers sites and then search each one individually to find a good deal on a tee time. Those days are over. All you have to do is cruise over to www.golfsigma.com and start entering your search parameters and whamo, you can get all the tee time info you want. And it's from all the top discount providers.

I think one of the coolest things is that they are Nationwide. I mean if you were headed to Panama City, Florida for a business meeting (like that happens), you could check out all the discount golf available. Plus, you don't have to join anything, just click on www.golfsigma.com and start searching their unlimited database of golf courses and tee times. Hey, they even have their Twitter posts and some pretty cool blog posts. They are truly "One Stop Shopping".

Congrats to Peter, Rich & Shaun on a great website....

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