Thursday, June 19, 2008

Junior Golf - It Must Be Summer

It must be summer because I'm doing Junior Golf 4 days a is so cool to watch a kid at the beginning of camp not be able to hit the ball at all and then a month later schwack the heck out of it.

Down here in Naco, Arizona on the border (we are actually a driver and 5 iron from the Mexican border), the kids don't have alot. I get a huge amount of clubs donated by local folks and for a measly $40 (if they can pay or not) the kids each get 8 days of lessons, a tournament with lunch, trophies, and a set of clubs. They aren't always the best clubs or the newest, but it gets kids involved in golf and isn't that the bottom line? Then they can hit balls all summer on the range, if they pick up their own balls. Plus, most of the time we just let them play free golf too. That's not to say we don't have problems sometimes when they decide to hit new range balls into the pond on #3, or hit shots into the #18 green from the range, but they are just kids. If we keep one kid from getting involved in some kind of trouble, then we have succeeded in our efforts to spread the great game of golf.

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Summer is a great time for kids to get interested in golf and improve their skills. I think some children become frustrated because they are not experiencing tremendous success. Any suggestions for keeping their interest in times of frustration and keeping them from becoming disinterested in the sport?