Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do you really need a GPS?

Here’s an all too common scenario, tell me if I’m right.

Four golf buddies, their handicaps are all about 20, (I’ll call them Bill, Bob, Steve, & Sam) tee off @ 8:00 on a Wednesday morning. In the first fairway, they are about 150 yards out from the green and Bill says, “hey, let me check my new GPS”. All golf has now ceased and everybody is standing around Bill’s cart looking at the GPS.

Sam says “well, it shows I have 147 yards to the pin, so I should probably hit my 7 iron”. Just then a big gust of wind comes up and Sam is now confused. He decides on a 6 iron. He steps up, hits the shot and fly’s his ball over the green out of bounds.

Now Bill, Bob, & Steve all pull out 7 irons. They each hit their shots short of the green. The scores on the hole end up 5, 6, 6, 7.

While all this is happening, the 8:10 group on the first tee is looking at an 8:16 tee off time.

The group that is ahead of our golf buddies, is putting out on #2, almost a hole ahead of them after just two holes.

This madness continues through hole 5 and finally the marshal drives up and says “you guys are out of position, you are 2 ½ holes behind, you need to pick it up”. The buddies put it into high gear and all hit bad shots.

By the end of their 5 hour round, the buddies are the most hated golfers on the planet. They have held up the entire golf course and the Pro is answering to everybody why tee times are now 30 minutes behind.

So, how close am I to the truth about this scenario? You know I just stiffed it.

If your handicap isn’t 10 or less, why do you need a GPS? Do you know how far your 7 iron goes? I doubt it, what you need to do is go to the range and practice. You need to find out how far you actually hit your clubs. If you think back about 10 years, most every golf course posted a sign that said “your round of golf should take 4 hours”, today that same round of golf is supposed to take 4 ½ hours.
WHY ??

Technology is better, balls fly farther, clubs are hotter, so why does it take longer to play?

Technology that every golf magazine and golf channel commercial preaches to you to get a GPS to play like the Pro’s. That’s a bunch of crap. (Spend that $300 on an annual range pass, not a GPS) What will make you play better golf is to practice, practice, and practice. That hasn’t changed in hundreds of years. Do you think Angus McDoogle used a GPS? No, he practiced, played, and had fun. 5 hour rounds of golf are NOT fun. Put the fun back into your game; practice, get better, beat your buddies, and head to the 19th hole in 4 hours.

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