Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekly Swing Reminder - Alignment

Have you ever felt your were aimed to far to the right? Ooh, that could be a hot political question, huh? But, let's not get on that subject.

Your alignment in golf is one of the most overlooked aspects of your game. Do you hit alot of shots to the right? Most right handed golfers line up aiming too far to the right. As do most left handed golfers line up aiming too far to the left. This could be the reason and it's so simple to fix. Here's a training drill to help you get your alignment headed in the right direction.

This should be done on the driving range. Take one of your longer irons and lay it down on the ground pointing the butt end at your target. Now take your normal stance and put your toes right against the shaft. Now, take a few swings using the alignment club to see not only your target line, but your swing path. Does this give you a better feel of being aligned? It should. Now, hit a few shots using this alignment club. Did you hit them right or on a straighter line than normal.

Practice this drill with every club in your bag. You should be aligned the same way each time you take a swing.

I hope this helps you play better golf. Have a great golf day.

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