Tuesday, April 13, 2010

266 and counting.....

Over the past 25 years or so, I have visited 27 countries, about 23 states and have played a bunch of golf courses. Actually, 266 different courses to be exact. Last week I went to the Atlanta, Georgia area to visit my buddy Wilmont. We had the chance to play three different courses on my visit.

We played his home course, Callahan Golf Links in Waleska, GA. This is a great course, if you haven't played it, you definitely need to get out there and play it. It is a hilly, very scenic track that used to be a family dairy farm. From the first tee, it looks like it's gonna be a breeze, with a short par 5 to start. However, don't try and hit that first green in two shots, unless you like taking a drop and hitting your fourth shot over the creek that fronts the green. The course then starts up hill and into the beautiful North Georgia woodlands. I don't think I had a flat lie anywhere on the course, well maybe on for first hole. The staff was great and took awesome care of us. Stop on by there and enjoy a great round of golf.

The second course we played was probably one of the toughest courses I have every played. Lake Arrowhead Club - Highlands Course It was so tough, I'd have to say it is actually unfair, especially for most of the residents who live around the course. Mostly a retirement area, there is no way the locals have fun on this course. Elevation changes of 100 feet in places, plus it must have had 10 blind shots and five or six forced carries of over 200 yards. It was a real bear. But, it's one of those courses that makes you want to play good because it's so hard. I'd play it again.

Our final round was played up in Cumming, GA at The Davis Love Designed Windermere. From the time you walk in the door, it just says NICE. Beautiful course, club house, homes, etc...it pretty much had it all. Another North Georgia hilly course, with one hole that has and elevation change of over 200 feet from tee to fairway. The only thing I could say bad about this course is that it wasn't marked very well. I understand it is semi-private and the members probably know it very well, but a newbie could get lost. Going to the 10th tee, there is no sign or picture of the hole. It almost looks like a dog leg left, but that would take you to the range. It actually goes about 90 degrees right and had we known, we might have tried to cut the corner. The next time, we will know. All in all, it was a gorgeous golf course, I think I used every club in my bag. However, if I were Wilmont, I'd have had a few left over (14 clubs isn't enough for him).

It was a good trip back east, one I need to do more often. I think I hear number 267 calling.....

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