Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Swing Reminder - Follow Through

Finish the golf swing. You’ve probably never heard that
phrase, huh? Do you hit a lot of shots low and right?
If you do, then this could help you hit better golf shots.
How about trying to finish with your belt buckle aiming at
your target. A good drill is to start with your finish and
go backwards in slow motion. See if you can feel your way
backwards and notice what the golf club and your body are
doing during this drill. Do you feel the weight shift
from your right side back to your left side? Do you feel
the finish? Try this drill for ten slow motion swings
ten times a day for a week. I bet you will get the
weight shift and learn to finish your golf swing.

1 comment:

Scott said...

I could have used this hint last night. Another thought that I try to keep in mind to ensure a full swing is to try to split my shoulder blades with the club shaft. Doesn't always work for different shaped shots, but for a nice straight ahead shot, it works well.