Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cancer Sucks

Yes, that's right.....Cancer Sucks.

It's been about 14 months since one of the greatest guys ever Mark "Shu" Schuler, was taken away from us by this *%#*@!! +&^$%#@ disease. It really makes me mad and very sad, because Shu is one of the best friends ever. I say "is" because I know he is up there watching us and laughing at the stupid stuff we all still do. Plus, we had his Michigan chair with us at Hooters and I can still see him sitting there. He will always be a part of our lives and our memories.

Last year about two months after Shu left us, we planned a small golf outing in Naco, AZ for some of his golf buddies. We had 8 players and I got this really big trophy (from Shu's garage) for the winners. We made it a two person team, blind draw, no golfing skills required...cause Lord knows Shu had very little golfing skill. It's mainly about getting everybody together, playing some golf, drinking some beer and remembering Shu.

This year we moved the Mark Schuler Annual Memorial Golf Outing to The Blanchard Course at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. Which meant we would have alot more of Shu's friends coming out. Plus, we added another aspect. I got some donated rounds of golf, thanks to Turquoise Valley and Golf and we did a raffle. All the money we raised went to Cancer Research. We made $240 and donated it to Shu's Mosaic of Hope.

Thanks to everyone that came out for golf, met at Hooters or couldn't make it and just thought about Shu, and how much we miss him.

This will be an annual event, held each year around May 5th (Shu's birthday), so mark your calendar's now. I'd like to make it a huge fund raiser for Cancer Research. But then again, I'd like it to be more personal and just have all of Shu's buddies hanging out playing a little golf and holding our beers up high, saying "Drink One For Mark". We miss you buddy.......but we know you're watching.

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