Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bag Tag - What's In Your Golf Bag?

My friends over at have a pretty cool contest running.
It's something you should really check out,

My bag was a mess and it's probably a great time of the year to do this. I mean it is spring and finding out what's in your golf bag is a great idea for getting ready for the season. Here is what I found in my bag this morning, when I dumped it out on the patio.
Oh yeah, don't mind those weeds in the background, I will be taking care of them just after I finish this blog post.

What golf bag?

Callaway XT Stand Bag (that needs a good cleaning)

What clubs?

This is a mixed bag for sure. Callaway Hyper X 10* Driver, Callaway X Hot 3 Wood, Adam's Idea Pro Hybrids 2 - 5, Ping I 5 Irons 6 - PW, Ping Tour 52* Gap Wedge, Cleveland 588 56* Sand Wedge (Old School), Odyssey # 9 XG White Hot Putter (33 1/2").

What else is in your bag?

This is where it gets weird. A Ping man purse (full of junk), rain pants, cinnamon granola bar, a putting peg (putting trainer, I thought I had lost), package of long shot club face covers (never used), old crown royal bag full of coins from everywhere, my broken shaft (used to help my alignment on the range), empty band aid package, rules book, two worn out gloves, empty sunscreen bottle, kozie for keeping a beer cold, medical tape, two sharpies, a spike wrench (no spikes), 7 new Callaway IX balls, 14 old balls, and the best thing I found was a free beer token for the clubhouse bar. That in itself was worth cleaning out the whole mess.

What’s the most important piece of kit in the bag that’s not a club, ball, glove or towel?

A baggie full of Swing Reminders. I use them and give them out to people I play golf with. They help you focus on your game. Check them out at

Do you carry a lucky charm?

I have a bunch of coins from around the world. The Thai Bhat ones are gold and silver, I like them. My two headcovers, one is for my Black Lab, Cody Bear and the other is Smokey from the UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE.

What’s the oldest thing in your golf bag?

I think it's my towel. I got it as a going away gift from my Special Ops Squadron back in 1997. It has the AFSOC and Squadron patches sewn onto it.

Which is your favorite club?

It has to be my putter. It's the strength of my game. But then again, I really like my 8 iron. They say that there is one club that just fits your swing. I think that has to be my 8 iron.

Well, I got it done. Cleaned out the bag, threw away the junk and replenished for the spring. You should really check this contest out, they are even giving a way some great prizes. Have a great golf weekend.

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William said...

In my bag, there is callaway x24 irons.